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Christina Wester
Christina is an Unschooling Mama of three ages 15, 8 and 5.  Empowering children and adults to hear and follow their Innate Voice of Wisdom is her purpose in life – beginning with learning to hear and follow her own!

She learned of Unschooling in 2005 and although she KNEW it was the best path for her 5 year old son, she wasn’t sure how to make it a reality for her family at the time. So her eldest went to kindergarten while she worked as a photographer and Yoga teacher. As always, when we don’t follow the voice of our Inner Wisdom, life presents more and stronger “nudges” and opportunities to heed The Voice.

In 2007 she was forced to consider Unschooling again because school was no longer an option for her son and “school-at-home” seemed like a dreadful alternative (if the nightly homework experience was any indication). Once she settled on Unschooling, an overwhelming sense of Peace overcame her and she felt confident that she had found the right path for her family.

Christina is passionate about allowing children the freedom to play and to follow their own interests and desires.

She spends her days ‘learning all the time’ alongside her five soul-mates:
her 3 kids, her husband Peter and her ex-husband Dave (long story she’ll tell you if you buy her a drink.) 😉 When she’s not Unschooling her kids, putting together Radiant Living & Learning events, or working one-on-one with clients, she is learning from her child with severe Autism how to help him overcome his extra challenges and express his full potential.

NinaJonesNina Delifus Jones

Nina is wife and business muse to her husband of 17 years and mom to 4 fun loving Unschooled Explorers. The Jones family discovered the term Unschooling 13 years ago and immediately said, “Hey, that’s our family.” Little did they know, Unschooling was a term you would use for the joy their family shared exploring everything around them. The Jones’ thought they were just having fun.

Even as a little girl , Nina embraced the idea of learning from situations around her and learning through Personal growth concepts. Nina’s passion is helping others while shouting “ You Can Do It “. This passion for helping others was discovered through her own desire of Personal Growth. Nina mission is to share and learn with others through writing and talking to a lot of people about whats really going on !
You can follow Nina on Facebook ~ The Universe is Talking ~ Are you Listening?

Krystal Trammell

Krystal is a longtime unschooler, rethinker, and mother of five amazing kids from 16 to almost 4 years of age.  She’s a doula and childbirth educator practicing in the Austin, Texas area, and she also offers online meditations, products, journals and eCourses for expecting and new mothers looking for a more holistic, spiritual approach to birthing and motherhood.

Krystal’s journey to unschooling began in 2004, when she was looking for a more kind and reasonable way to live with her then-four year old son.  She’s experimented with many approaches and concepts over the years, and the unschooling paradigm of freedom, cooperation, and responsibility is something she strives to infuse in every area of her life.

Krystal and her husband are both very interested in all aspects of permaculture and sustainable gardening; and holistic wellness through essential oils, energy healing, spirituality, and excellent food.  She’s Reiki attuned, offers website help and biz consulting, and she’s trained in the Bach flower remedy system of emotional healing.  Krystal can be found online at, and in her quiet but useful Facebook group, CenTex Unschoolers.

LauraHeadShot-rRctLaura Akers
Desire Map Contributor

Laura is the mom of three children, ages 28, 27 and 6. Her older children attended public school and after reflecting on their school experience, realized that unschooling was a better fit for her youngest son. She has found unschooling to be such a joy and immensely valuable treasured experience to be able to support his rights to think for himself and to create in ways that most interest him.

She has studied Psychology, Human/Child Development, and is a massage therapist, a licensed mediator and domestic violence advocate. Her heartfelt passion lies with her artistic endeavors; music and jewelry making.

Most recently she is excited to partner with Christina to create some very special Desire Pendants for her Desire Map Workshops. Working with the participants to create a piece that is individually customized to reflect their core desired feelings, Laura shares her passion to celebrate self-empowerment and manifesting the kinds of experiences that we all desire.