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Time to release some limiting beliefs?

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We all have an “inner voice of wisdom” that is trying to communicate with us and guide us toward our highest good. It is sometimes difficult to hear that voice clearly. Or if we hear it, we often have fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back from following it.

Christina is skilled at helping others discern the voice of Inner Wisdom from the other voices that often echo in our minds: fear, subconscious programming learned in childhood, societal and cultural conditioning – just to name a few.

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Client Feedback

She will help you identify limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating
the life of joy you were meant to live.  

A life of joy IS possible and your Inner Wisdom is ALWAYS guiding you toward it!  

Christina can help you uncover your own unique path to joy that might be obscured by fear, limiting beliefs or psychological and emotional trauma.

Christina uses a repertoire of tools and techniques coupled with her own intuitive guidance to help illuminate the path your Inner Wisdom is showing you, AND to help you find the courage to follow the path that’s right for you.

Christina’s goal is to empower her clients to receive, trust and follow their own Inner Wisdom with confidence.  Ultimately coming to a place of no longer needing guidance from a life coach or any other external source.

Some of the tools and techniques Christina uses during private sessions:FreeYourMindBird
☀︎ Kinesiology muscle testing
☀︎ Level UP limit clearing processes
☀︎ PSYCH-K® balancing processes
☀︎ The Desire Map® 1-on-1 Coaching
☀︎ The Option Method Dialogues

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The biggest obstacles to creating the life we desire are NOT outside of us.  Once we understand this and begin to successfully release our limiting beliefs and trauma at the subconscious level, we become unstoppable!  External obstacles SHRINK and life just keeps getting better and better!


Here is just a small sampling of the areas in which
Inner Wisdom Breakthrough Sessions
can assist you in expressing your full human potential:

  • overcoming anxiety and depression
  • releasing old habits & patterns of behavior
  • creating physical health and wellbeing
  • creating the relationship/partnership of your dreams
  • healing after loss and grief
  • releasing past trauma and healing those wounds
  • becoming the parent that you WISH you could be
  • increasing self confidence
  • learning to assert yourself
  • advancing your career
  • increasing sales and/or productivity
  • experiencing more abundance in ALL areas of life
  • finding and fulfilling your Life’s PurposeGoetheBoldness

The list is endless . . .

It really IS possible to create WHATEVER we want in life when we commit to change, utilize the power of our subconscious minds AND let go of the things in our past that have been holding us back.


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