Intro to PSYCH-K and Level UP

FreeYourMindBirdPSYCH-K & Level UP are transformational tools that have enabled incredible healing and growth in my life.  They have also transformed my husband’s life AND enhanced our marriage tremendously.

The “Radiant Life” we now enjoy is the direct result of our commitment to change and grow. The methods and processes of PSYCH-K & Level UP have been the MOST powerful tools we have found to quickly effect the change we wanted to see in our lives AND to realize our fullest potential as humans. (Read more about our personal journey here.)

I quotation01-minwant to share these tools with the Radiant Living Community because we are ALL on a path of growth and transformation.  When we choose to follow a life path that diverges from the mainstream, we can’t help but grow and evolve.

That evolution process is often challenging and sometimes it can be painful.  It can take a LONG time to create new habits of thought and behavior to line up with the changes we consciously want to make in our lives.  Realizing our own personal vision for the life we desire can take much longer than we intend, which can lead to frustration and all sorts of “negative” feelings and experiences.

These tools have been the most effective way I’ve found to speed up the process of change, AND it’s been the most painless way to effect change in our lives.  PSYCH-K and Level UP pave the way for our vision to become reality.  It helps us quickly release “baggage” and past trauma that is holding us back – and you don’t even HAVE to talk about the trauma or re-live it – just name it and through muscle testing we will follow the lead of your subconscious mind to unlock the “trauma program” and re-write it.

What’s the difference between PSYCH-K & Level UP?
LevelUP is just a different set of processes for changing subconscious beliefs & habits and releasing trauma that I’ve created by combining my experience as a Yoga instructor, PSYCH-K facilitator and my experience running an Autism therapy program for my son. (We implement Son-Rise and Brain-Balance therapy methods.)

Creating “congruence” between the hemispheres of the brain, creating new neural pathways and habits, and creating life as we desire it to be have been common themes running throughout my journeys with Yoga, PSYCH-K and Autism, so I’ve found a way to combine what I’ve learned from all three experiences into the LevelUP processes you see in my in-person workshops and YouTube videos.  During private sessions with clients, I use both PSYCH-K and Level UP processes depending on the individual needs of the client.

If you’d like to learn more about PSYCH-K & Level UP and how you can use it to CREATE YOUR LIFE the way YOU WANT IT TO BE, follow one of the links below: