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LauraHeadShot rRctWe are so excited to announce that Jewelry Designer and fellow Seeker Laura Akers will be leading us through a fun and healing experience of creating a “Desire Pendant” as a take home reminder of our Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) at the Desire Map workshop!

I have enjoyed watching Laura create her unique jewelry at our Unschoolers Co-op and got to thinking that it would be a wonderful edition to the workshop for each of us to create a pendant that represents our CDFs!

After spending the weekend peeling back the layers of our desires and uncovering the core feelings that drive our desires, we will each make a pendant that symbolizes those core feelings.  We will be using our CDFs after the workshop (and our pendants as reminders)  to move forward in designing the life we desire!

CopperWorn2 rRctOur pendants will serve as a daily reminder for us AND a physical declaration to the world of our Core Desired Feelings!  I believe that the creative process of designing and crafting our pendants will help us ground deeply into the CDFs that we uncover during the workshop.  Creating a physical symbol of our CDFs can be a sacred and therapeutic process of declaring our desires to the world.  Our pendants will be powerful reminders (that we can literally keep close to our hearts) as we move forward with life after the workshop.

I’m excited to make my pendant, and I hope you will look forward to creating your unique expression of your CDFs at the end of the workshop!

For the Desire Pendants, we will start with 3 base designs:
The Circle, The Sprial and The Lotus.

CircleBase rSqSprialBase rSqLotusBase rSq

Then Laura will lead us through the process of choosing beads to represent our CDFs and adding the beads to embellish the base design.  She has created some samples of each of the three base designs that you can see here before and after embellishment.  You can also bring a special bead, crystal or other small object that you would like include on your pendant!

CircleFinished rSqSpiralFinished rSqLotusFinished rSq

If you can’t come to the Desire Map Workshop in May, you can purchase a customized “Desire Pendant” for $35.  Just choose your base design, tell Laura your CDFs and colors you’d like to incorporate and she will design a unique piece just for you!

CopperCloseup rSq

To order your Desire Pendant, email Laura here
She will get in touch to discuss your CDF’s and collaborate on the design.


You can also book Laura for a “Pendant Party!”  It’s a great addition to showers, book clubs or other “girlie” parties when you want to provide a fun and meaningful activity and party favor!  Email Laura for Pendant Party details.

bird doubleHelixTreeOfLife






To see more of Laura’s designs or purchase a special piece for a gift, check out Laura’s shop on Facebook here.  Mother’s day is coming soon!!!

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If you haven’t yet registered for the
Radiant Living with The Desire Map workshop – reserve your space (and your pendant) by May 10th!


Heaps of Love,