Not a Camper? We can help!

From a “non-camper” at last year’s Retreat:

“Reflecting on this weekend…I have to say that I really loved our camping experience at Cleburne State Park!  We don’t do a lot of camping (yet)…don’t even own a tent or gear! (yet)…but the facilities were clean & the restrooms were clean & warm…the layout of the campground & cabins was perfect!  We loved it!  I would definitely like to go back!”
                                                     – Michelle

Never fear!  There are several options for non-campers at the Radiant Living & Learning Retreat!

1. If you’ve never camped or haven’t been in years, we can hook you up with a Radiant Family who is more experienced.  They can give you pointers before hand and help you set up your tent.  To sign up for a Camping Liaison mention it in the notes section of your Registration Form.

Also check out these posts from last year:
– Camping Tips (part 1 and part 2)
– Camp Packing Lists
or post your camping questions to the RL&L Facebook Group

2. If tent camping just isn’t your thing you have several options:

  • Bunkhouse – We have several families who loved the Bunkhouse so much last year that they have already requested a space there again.
    We have 2 bunkhouse rooms with 24 bunk beds each.  The beds can be rearranged and blankets/sheets hung to create privacy.  The Bunkhouses have heat and AC and the restrooms/showers are just across a breezeway.  Choose “Bunkhouse” in the accommodations section of your Retreat Registration Form.
  • Rent an RV – Our family did this last year to accommodate our child with intense special needs.  We had been considering a motel room for him and my husband, but we wanted them to be IN the park with us and all of the other Radiant Families.  We found an RV through El Monte RV that was comparable to motel prices and MUCH less expensive than any other RV company we shopped in DFW or in Cleburne.
    This year we have negotiated a group rate with El Monte.  5-10% off depending on how many in our group.  They have locations in McKinney and Palmer and their website has prices for all of the different models.
    On your Retreat Registration Form choose a Private Tent/RV Campsite and mention in the notes that you would like to join our group for the discount.  A couple of months before the Retreat El Monte will be ready to take our group’s reservations.  You can choose a campsite with or without sewer hookups as there is a free dump station in the state park.
  • Stay in a hotel in Cleburne – If you just can’t make the camping leap this time, the town of Cleburne is only 10 miles from the State Park and has many hotel and motel options.  Your daily entrance fee is covered each day by your Weekend Retreat Registration, so you can leave each night and return each morning to attend workshops, hang out with all the other families and enjoy all of the Retreat activities.  Park rules state that daytime guests must leave the park by 10pm.
  • Single Day Passes – Cleburne is close to DFW!  Come out for the day! Single Day Passes are available for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  The cost is $25 per person.
    Click Here to purchase Single Day Passes for you or your family.
    Map it to see how far you are from the State Park.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Whatever accommodations are the best fit for your family, we want to help make it possible for you to attend the Retreat and benefit from the support of our Radiant Tribe!

Love Your Radiant Life!

Camp Packing Lists

I have two homeschooling friends who recently shared their personal packing lists with our co-op groups.  Both lists are the result of years of camping experience (and forgetting items at home!)  So I wanted to share them with you in case you were feeling nervous about forgetting important items as you pack this week!  If you are not sure about camping click here to see other sleeping arrangements for non-campers.

This first one was created by Doreen Fisher, our PlayLand “Director” and Workshop
DoreenFisher Presenter on Creating Peace through Family Meetings.  She made a beautiful spreadsheet that you can customize and then print out to check off items as you pack.

Click here for Doreen’s Spreadsheet

Jennifer Jones’ list below is a little less elaborate, but a good list nonetheless with a few different items from Doreen’s list.

I do have a couple of things to add two these two lists (that are totally optional, but you might want to include too.)  One that was super fun AND functional at our last camping trip was Christmas Lights!
xmasLightsOutsideNot only are these festive, but they provide nice ambient light around your campsite that’s not too bright after your eyes have adjusted to the dark.  Bring an extension cord and maybe a power strip if you have several other things to plug in at your site.  (I’m bringing my electric skillet to make breakfast prep quick and easy).  You can bring a hammer and some nails to hang the lights on the trees around your site in case there aren’t enough low hanging branches.  Also there are tall poles with hooks at each campsite (for hanging food up out of reach of wildlife) that you could wrap lights around.  You can put them on the oxmasLightsInsideutside of your tent, your canopy or
they can be used on the inside of the tent (never unattended though!)  If you want to get fancy, you can purchase lights that run on batteries.

One other fun list is this article on Camping “Hacks” that was floating around Facebook a while back.  Some of them are just silly, but many seem useful.  I will be using #1 on the list this trip!

Jones Family Camping Gear List

Two Coolers (one for frequent open, one for seldom open)
4 Camp Chairs
Tent & Tent Stakes
Tent Pad (we use a large shipping blanket)
Air Mattress(es)
Air Pump
Lantern/Lantern Fuel or Batteries
Head Lamps/Flash Lights
4 Pillows
2 large blankets
1 fitted sheet
Sleeping Bags
Extension Cord
Camp Stove
Camp Stove Fuel
Pot with lid
Pan with lid
Hot pad/trivot
Plates, bowls, silverware for 4
Cups, mugs for 4
Serving spoon & Spatula
Large Bowl for serving
Large plate for serving
Paper towels
Zip-Lock bags
Dish Soap
Dish Pan/Drainer
Tie Downs
Bike Pump (& patch kit)
First Aid kit
Fire Wood
Marshmallow/Hot Dog pokers
Grill Spatula
Bottled Water
Trash Bags

*If Dog –
Food & Water bowls

4 full outfits per person
2 extra pairs of socks per person
4 towels
4 jackets
4 hats
4 gloves (if cold)
Rain Gear

4 Bathroom Kits
-toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap/facewash, 2 face rags, travel size shampoo & conditioner, zip-lock bags, pain reliever, deoderant and any other personal items or medications

Books to read

*some people bring tent heaters & fans, we have never used them so they are not on our list.