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Josie Baker

  • Young Adult Unschoolers Panel


I’m 17 and I’ve never been enrolled in school.  My family’s been unschooling since I was around 8 or 9.
I really enjoy art, literature, languages, movies and tv. I’m really hoping to get into the film industry and looking at starting out by becoming a professional make-up artist and/or writing.  Currently I love writing fiction and fan fiction.  


Nathaniel Holman

  • Campfire Building and Safety
  • Young Adult Unschoolers Panel



Nathaniel atop the 4th “Fourteener” (14,000 ft mountain) that he has climbed.

Hi! I’m Nathaniel I’m 18 and I’ve been homeschooled my entire life.  I have been in Boy Scouts since I was 8 and recently got my Eagle rank.  I have a love for the outdoors and am glad to share it.

I have been tinkering with things since I was little and love to make just about anything. I taught myself to weld when I was 13.  Currently I work for a husband/wife team of sculptors –  making military awards and war memorials, and I plan to pursue a career in custom metal fabrication. 


Karma Barry

  • Young Adult Unschoolers Panel

KarmaKarma is 19 years old, has been unschooled since she was 12, and has been pursuing artistic interests ever since. Her projects range from simple portraits to years-long investments –  such as full-length novels, one of which she has self-published. Her next endeavors include pursuing a full artistic career implementing any medium that interests her and continuing her dreams of becoming a best selling author.




Caedmon Barry

  • Dance Party DJ
  • Young Adult Unschoolers Panel

CaedCaed is 17 yearls old.  He has been unschooling since he was nine, with some initial panics of forced curriculum from Mom in the beginning. A passionate musician and free-runner, Caedmon embodies what it is to be an autodidact. Caed is currently working on launching his career as a music producer and has recently passed the mark of having over 800 subscribers on his You Tube channel.







Adrienne Carmak, MD

  • Finding the Courage to Forge Your Own Path

AdrienneCarmack Mother of three unschooled children, Adrienne began her adulthood on a very traditional path to the American dream. Once she got there, she realized the inherent flaws of the dream and began to tune in to her own intuition. She became a mother, reworked her medical practice to create an entirely new practice model to fit her life, and has published a book blasting the medical profession for its absurdities: Reclaiming My Birth Rights.
Read more at: AdrienneCarmack.com

Nina Delifus Jones

  • Meet and Greet Thursday
  • Hospitality Coordinator

NinaJonesNina is wife and business muse to her husband of 17 years and mom to 4 fun loving Unschooled Explorers. The Jones family discovered the term Unschooling 13 years ago and immediately said, “Hey, that’s our family.” Little did they know, Unschooling was a term you would use for the joy their family shared exploring everything around them. The Jones’ thought they were just having fun.

Even as a little girl , Nina embraced the idea of learning from situations around her and learning through Personal growth concepts. Nina’s passion is helping others while shouting “ You Can Do It “. This passion for helping others was discovered through her own desire of Personal Growth. Nina mission is to share and learn with others through writing and talking to a lot of people about whats really going on !
You can follow Nina on facebook ~ The Universe is Talking ~ Are you Listening ? www.facebook.com/TheUniverseIsTalking

Doreen Fisher

DoreenFisher2Doreen is an Unschooling Mom to three beautiful bright lights and wife to professional bassist Jonathan Fisher.  Doreen is a musician, entrepreneur, hilanthropist, songwriter and consummate learner. She has a passion for underprivileged children and recently received an award from the ACLU for her work in child advocacy. When her older children were little, she began a journey to start a Waldorf School in Dallas. The process quickly showed her that she is an Unschooler at heart and that attachment parenting doesn’t stop
when children start walking.  Her values include freedom, communication, respect, and joy and she loves providing an environment for children to learn, grow, play and develop in their own way, on their own path, in their own time. She is passionate about coaching and encouraging others to pursue their dreams and ensure that their dreams are their own, and not the projections of others.

Mila Fisher

  • Arts and Crafts Master

MilaFisherMila is a lifelong unschooler and loves creating and learning. She has an open and honest heart and a passion for justice. She loves design and spends much time making duct tape creations, designing and sewing clothes and accessories, making doll clothes, and thinking of something else beautiful to create.  Mila loves teaching and just completed teaching her first class at her homeschool co-op, teaching 12 students Duct Tape Creations. She also babysits toddlers and loves role playing with her siblings.

Daphne Osunlade Edwards-Emi

Osunlade Photo cropDaphne “Osunlade” Edwards is a mother, medicine woman, and spiritual coach assisting folks from all over the globe in releasing emotional blocks, expanding consciousness, and intuiting their own physical well-being. She gifts her clients with practical tools and techniques, steeped in Universal laws and principles, which help them align with a life that works for their highest divine good.

In addition to Vibrant Foods ™ coaching, and Sweet Release Coaching ™, she does healing sister circle work, and designs personalized ceremonies. Her background includes: initiations and trainings in indigenous spiritual systems, facilitation of energy medicine workshops, holistic foods prep, holistic nutrition studies, presentation of metaphysical classes, organization of group yoga and natural food cleanses, creation of sacred spaces, and the former ownership of Zawadi – a storefront featuring gifts of the African diaspora.

But, beyond all of this, her most powerful and expansive spiritual journey thus far, has been that as a mother who has given rise to 3 SUNS, all of whom are learning through self-designing their own destinies.

Follow/contact Daphne here:

  • Root Wombmyn Facebook.com/RootWombmyn, an international collective of women of African descent dedicated to shifting the consciousness of the universe through the powerful healing energy of sister circles.
  • The Mojo Experience by Osunlade Facebook.com/FunctionalMojoMedicine
    a spiritual approach to natural health and food as medicine.
  • DivineMojoWoman@gmail.com

Elizabeth McGinnis Holman

  • Gentle Yoga

ElizHolmanElizabeth has enjoyed teaching ‘drool’ yoga (as named by affectionate students) in the Dallas area since 1993. Elizabeth’s major influences are Valerie King, Gurmukh, Kripalu style yoga as taught by Yogi Amrit Desai, and Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Her greatest teachers, though, are her little GOO-ROOs, Nathaniel and Liam.


Christina Wester

  • Unschooling Outside the Bell Curve
  • Roadblocks to Unschooling
  • Desire Map for Conscious Creation

ChristinaWEsterChristina is an Unschooling Mama of three ages 14, 7 and 4.  Empowering children and adults to hear and follow their Inner Voice of Wisdom is her purpose in life – beginning with learning to hear and follow her own!

She learned of Unschooling in 2005 and although she KNEW it was the best path for her 5 year old son, she wasn’t sure how to make it a reality for her family at the time. So her eldest went to kindegarten while she worked as a photographer and Yoga teacher. As always, when we don’t follow the voice of our Inner Wisdom, life presents more and stronger “nudges” and opportunities to heed The Voice.

In 2007 she was forced to consider Unschooling again because school was no longer an option for her son and “school-at-home” seemed like a dreadful alternative (if the nightly homework experience was any indication). Once she settled on Unschooling, an overwhelming sense of Peace overcame her and she felt confident that she had found the right path for her family.

Christina is passionate about allowing children the freedom to play and to follow their own interests and desires.

She spends her days ‘learning all the time’ alongside her five soul-mates:
her 3 kids, her husband Peter and her ex-husband Dave (long story she’ll tell you if you buy her a drink). When she’s not Unschooling her kids and putting together Radiant Living & Learning events, she is learning how to help her child with Autism overcome his extra challenges to express his full potential.

Due to the unpredictable nature of life, the Session Topics, Session Facilitators or other Activities could be cancelled or moved to different times in the schedule.  If this occurs, we will do our best to provide a comparable topic or activity with an alternate facilitator.