Kid Village

kvradiantKid Village is a co-operative endeavor in childcare, partnership, and play!

It’s a safe, supervised, and FUN space for children aged 1-6 years old to stay and play, either with or without their parents.

Be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you have a child between the ages of 1 and 6 who is registered (i.e. not a babe-in-arms) and will be attending the Retreat with you – even if you think you won’t use Kid Village!  We make it a pretty cool spot, so your little one may want to stay and play–!

–> All parents using the Kid Village for their children are required to volunteer for at least one Kid Village staff shift (two hours) during the Retreat!

This is an awesome opportunity to observe how experienced unschooling parents (the KV staff) interact with the kids. It also serves as an important part of the community building that happens during the Retreat. If you have kids who might be hesitant about going to Kid Village, let us know and we will schedule your volunteer shift at the beginning of the Retreat so your shift can serve as their “getting comfortable” time as well.

The retreat is located in less-than-optimal cell phone range which makes it difficult to reach out to parents throughout the day.kvkids

It is, therefore, imperative that parents check-in to ensure that their child is not in distress.

This is both respectful to the child and the Kid Village Staff!

Before leaving children with Kid Village (each time), parents shall first ensure that a KV Staff has properly checked-in the child and has all the information they need.  All parents must leave a snack and drink with their child(ren)’s name on it.

Children must be designated at EACH drop-off as either “Free to Roam” or “Kid Village Bound”.

This may change throughout the day/weekend, so please ensure that the KV Volunteers are aware of the updated status. These designations by the parent will be strictly honored.

All parents must ensure that their child(ren) understand whether or not they are able to leave Kid Village without their parent, and that must be clearly communicated to an on-duty KV Volunteer at drop off – directly from the parent(s).


No child will be allowed to leave with anyone other than the parent, unless specifically communicated with a KV Volunteer at check-in.


Closing times (lunch and end-of-day) must be strictly honored. Kid Village Staff get a limited time for lunch and are making dinner for their families at the end of the day, so please respect their time.