FAQs about the Radiant Retreat

I want to come to the Retreat, but I don’t have the money for the registration.

There are hourly staff jobs you can do to earn discounts on registration fees.  Scroll down for more answers to questions about staffing needs.

What if I have a State Park Pass to cover Entry Fees?

Because we have negotiated a (fairly complicated) fee structure for our group, we cannot discount any money off of your registration if you have a State Park Pass.  HOWEVER we would appreciate you using your State Park Pass when you enter the park because that will reduce the amount we have to pay in entry fees for the group and will enable more money to go toward our fundraising efforts.

Are there bathrooms and showers in the park?

Yes!  Our group is renting two fairly new buildings (3 years old) that each have bathrooms with showers, lockers and a dressing area.  These “bath-houses” have AC and heat.
There are also bathrooms with hot showers scattered throughout the park in close proximity to the tent, RV and Screened Shelter camping areas.

Can I share a campsite with another family?

Yes.  Up to 8 people can share the Tent, RV or Screened Shelter sites.  Someone has to reserve and pay for the campsite, but families can share the site and divide the cost amongst themselves.

At each site they allow 2 tents, OR 1 tent and 1 RV.

There is also a 2 vehicle limit.  (This includes RVs) So the site can hold 2 cars OR 1 car and 1 RV.  It is possible that you could park your car at a neighbor’s site or at the Bunkhouse/Dining hall if you have extra vehicles.  Contact Christina if you will have more than 2 vehicles.


What kind of tuition assistance opportunities are available?

Click here to see a list of staff jobs available. 
There’s a form there to get in-touch with Krystal about your unique skills and interests so we can match you up with the right jobs.

How much of a discount can I receive for volunteering?

We will discuss the particular job you are doing, how many shifts you want to cover etc. and determine your discount.  It is important that you show up, ON TIME to your assigned shift.  Click on the Staff needs page to see more info.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at Texas State Parks, but they must be kept on a leash and have current shot records.  They are also not allowed in ANY of the buildings including bathrooms, screened shelters, the dining hall and recreation hall.

Have more questions or want to discuss a staff position?  Contact Us.