Retreat Reviews

“Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for putting on the conference. It was galvanizing and it felt so wonderful to be around so many parents who were connected to their children – it was palpable. I will be going to the open house at the Sudbury school in Austin soon!”  ~ Marko B.

“As we drove away from the retreat, my kids agreed unanimously that [the 2013 Radiant Living & Learning Retreat] was the best Unschooling Conference OR Campout they’d ever been to!  We can’t wait until the next one!”  – The Campbell Family

“Thank you for a very cool conference.  I was pleased to see people from out of state, too.”   – Rob

“We had such a good time! We are happy and tired!!! Big thanks and appreciation to Christina for her vision and creation of such a wonderful experience.  I want to also thank all of Christina’s  family and all the Radiant group members who helped and worked so hard to make it a great weekend.
The workshops were terrific and the food was delicious and so were the smoothies!  I really like the park; it was like camping in luxury with hand soap, hot water and heated bathrooms.   My stomach muscles are much firmer from all the deep belly laughs. For those who didn’t make it, we missed you and I hope to see you next time. Love to all!!!!”
– Elizabeth

“Thank you so much for creating such an incredible space for me and my family to connect and love on our [unschooling] loved ones :))”  – Nova

” It was a fabulous weekend and ran smoothly, especially considering it was put together in 2 months!! Kudos to Christina and Clan for an amazing vision with beautiful execution!”  – Doreen

“Thanks so much Christina, for organizing, and for everyone else who contributed their time and energy! It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait until the next one!”  – Su

“I’m so overwhelmed at the love, and how wonderful everyone was! I’m new in DFW and everyone was so inviting and welcoming. It meant a lot to me. Thank you all for being so great!”   – Amanda

“Thank you, Christina Wester, so much for putting it all together! We had a wonderful time!!”  – Amy

“Reflecting on this weekend…I have to say that I really loved our camping experience at Cleburne State Park! We don’t do a lot of camping (yet)…don’t even own a tent or gear! (Yet)…but the facilities were clean & the restrooms were clean & warm…the layout of the campground & cabins was perfect! We loved it! I would definitely like to go back!”
– Michelle

“A Beautiful weekend of coming together to share heartfelt loving knowledge and help others was so Grounding .. Thank you Christina, family & helpers”    – Nina

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