Fall Retreat

The 2015 Radiant Retreat will be similar to 2014 but even more RAD!


Come play in the woods by the lake with other families exploring
Whole-Life and Self-Directed Learning.

Share in honoring our children and reconnecting with our Inner Wisdom
on parenting, learning and living a Radiant Life!

Radiant Living & Learning
November 5-9, 2015
Cleburne State Park
Cleburne, Texas
50 minute drive south of Fort Worth
2.5 hour drive north of Austin


The Radiant Living & Learning Community supports parents in:

  • Creating more respect, connection and joy in our families
  • Supporting children in having actual childhoods rather than forcing them to act like “little adults” as soon as possible
  • Allowing kids plenty of time, space and freedom to explore their interests at their own pace, facilitating learning that is easy and natural
  • Helping children find and follow the educational and life path that is best for THEM through respectful, child-affirming educational and parenting methods
  • Releasing fear based living
  • Listening to our intuition regarding all aspects of parenting, education and living the Radiant Lives we were meant to live!

The Radiant Living & Learning Retreat  provides space for a community of like-minded families to gather, have some fun outdoors, and support each other – whether we are new to these ways of parenting and educating our children or whether we have been practicing it for a while – nobody’s perfect!

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Not a camper?  Click here for info on alternate options for lodging at the Retreat!

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