Retreat Workshop: Unschooling Freedom and Mutual Respect

with Krystal Trammell

One of the things that many people seem to worry about, when they first come to unschooling (or even if they’ve been working toward a freedom-based lifestyle for some time), is the fear that they’re turning the tables – relinquishing control to the kids.

Parents trying to give their kids freedom and autonomy can sometimes feel disrespected and marginalized, frustrated or worse:  martyred to their children in an unschooling lifestyle.  “It’s just part of being a parent,” they’ll say…  Or, “We don’t want to take away his freedom,” they’ll say.

However, in my 11+ years of living and learning about the unschooling life, I’ve come to believe that there are natural limits to freedom and autonomy, and that these need to be acknowledged and respected in order for everyone in the family to benefit from unschooling, not just the children.

A functional + fulfilling unschooling life is ideally going to enrich and validate the needs and desires of EVERYONE in the family – not just the children.  Let’s come together and chat about the natural limits of freedom, and how every member of the family can enjoy mutual respect and cooperation together.

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