Resources for Changing Subconscious Beliefs

New understandings in Cellular Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Quantum Physics have fundamentally changed our understanding of what actually causes much of human behavior and experience.  It turns out that our BELIEFS are actually at the root of MOST of our habitual and reactionary behaviors AND they also determine the way we experience life in general.

There are many different ways to change our conscious beliefs in order to make shifts in our habits, reactions and overall experiences, but those techniques don’t do much to effect real change in our SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs.  These beliefs formed in childhood and buried deep in our subconscious minds are responsible for the difficulty that the vast majority of us have in making lasting changes to create the lives we desire.

Read more about these concepts here [link coming soon]

There ARE effective ways to access and change the beliefs that are programmed into our subconscious minds from birth.  I would like for this page to serve as a resource list for those processes and techniques.

I will begin with the techniques that have been most helpful for me and continue with those that have been helpful for people I personally know.

If there is a technique or process that is not listed here, but has been helpful for you in changing your subconscious beliefs AND creating marked, positive change in your life, please CONTACT US with info and links so we can share them here. No ONE tool is the answer for EVERY person.  Everyone has to find what works for them, so the more tools available the better!

As humans begin to wake up to our true nature and use that knowledge to create lives that are more closely aligned with our “true selves,” we can affect REAL change in our lives AND in our world.  As we begin to access our subconscious and increase our conscious awareness (meaning we are consciously using MORE of our brain/mind power) we positively influence others’ thoughts and beliefs and these changes ripple out to help create a better world for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

(see this video for scientific research into this phenomenon)

Scan the list and find the technique(s) that speak to you.   Utilizing the tools that are right for YOU will result in a better life AND a better world for ALL of us!

Energy Psychology
This has been the #1 biggest and fastest change maker in my life.  Since 2008 I’ve used PSYCH-K and Kundalini Yoga to make changes in many areas of my psyche with the help of a talented facilitator, Adriane Wolf.

Over the years I’ve periodically worked with Adriane and combined those experiences with my training and experience as a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and in the Son-Rise Autism Therapy methods to develop my own personal healing practice that my husband and I use to clear limiting beliefs, heal past trauma and maintain balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In order to teach others how to benefit from these practices, I’ve codified them in a system called Level UP.

This link details my “testimony” to the positive power of Energy Psychology and includes some examples of how my life as improved as a result of these easy to use, yet LIFE CHANGING TOOLS.  In June 2015, I made the leap to becoming a Psych-K facilitator myself and in 2016 I began using the Level UP techniques in my professional healing practice.   In just this short time, I have witnessed some deep healing and powerful shifts in my clients’ lives! (click to read their feedback)

If you feel drawn to explore how PSYCH-K and Level UP can help you transform all areas of your life, you can read more HERE:FreeYourMindBird

Emotional Guidance System and The Desire Map
These two things are taught by different teachers but utilize the same concepts and similar processes.  I have worked with the Emotional Guidance System for many years as taught by Abraham-Hicks.  It’s like a personalized GPS that utilizes our feelings and emotions to point us in the “right” direction to create the life we desire.

The writings of Danielle LaPorte helped me fine tune my work with the Emotional Guidance System and her Desire Map process has continued to further my success in using my feelings as a guide.  You can use The Desire Map book/workbook as a self-study program, or attend a Desire Map Workshop for a facilitated, experiential way to learn how to use this tool.  I have begun leading “Radiant Desire” Workshops in which I utilize ALL of the tools I’ve collected on my journey to lead you through your Desire Mapping process.  

Click here to read what others are saying about their experience with the
Radiant Desire Workshop

EVERYONE IS CREATIVE.  Your creativity might just be expressed in another areas of life besides art.  Getting in touch with our personal creativity and expressing it – even in small ways – is a great tool for accessing our intuition and thereby getting in touch with previously un-accessed parts of our minds.  The Artist’s Way is a book and program for accessing the creative power that resides inside each of us.

Whether you are lead to create art or a new logistics system or creatively solve a problem your kid is having, doing the exercises in The Artists Way can help you access your own creativity and intuition which opens your mind to new possibilities, ideas and ways to create the life you desire.

I have been considering leading an Artist’s Way workshop, so if you’re interested in a facilitated experience with the Artist’s Way let me know here.

I’ve only used Hypnotherapy for one “issue.”  It was somewhat helpful for me but I know many others who have used it with much success for various different issues from quitting smoking to losing weight to social anxiety.  I don’t have a certain Hypno-therapist to recommend, but there are MANY mental health professionals that use it and you should be able to find an experienced practitioner near you.  (Or at least in the nearest mid-sized town).

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”)

EFT didn’t give me very noticeable results but I know others who swear by it.  It’s a process you can learn to do yourself.  There are MANY practitioners who teach it, so google and referrals are the way to go.  You might have success with self-study too.  Here are some books on EFT.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I’m just beginning to learn about NLP and I have a few friends who have used it successfully to make changes in their lives.  Again there are many practitioners, so find one that feels right for you.  There are many books on the subject as well. (click here)