Potluck & Chili Cook-Off, Community Meals and Important Deadlines

sq logo MEALSAn attendee from last year’s retreat posted a good bit of advice about meals on the Facebook group.  Here’s what she said:

Last year, my family and I decided instead of paying for the community meals, we could eat cheaper if we fed ourselves. Boy, were we wrong.

Not in the sense that we spent more money on the food we brought, but we lost out on the value of sitting down to a common meal with the rest of the attendees.

When community mealtimes came, we separated from our friends, new and old to go off and eat from our ice chest.

This year, we’ve agreed that we’ll spend the extra on community meals. Being able to sit and break bread with like minded people is undervalued, but not by us this year.

We hope to see everyone there with us, we look forward to connecting with you.

~ Pepper Lee (aka Andrea Revels)

We want everyone to join the group for as many meals as possible, so check out the menus and sign up here today!  Deadline for reservations is Friday, Oct. 17th.

On Thursday night we are having a Community Potluck and Chili Cook-Off!  Cook a pot of your favorite Chili now, freeze it and bring it to the Retreat Thursday.  Or bring a side dish or dessert!  We will have plugs for crock pots and there’s a stove to heat up stock pots.  Click here for more details.

We will also have a Coffee Bar each morning and a Smoothie Bar during breakfast and lunch times each day.  Click here for details on purchasing Radiant Bucks for those.

Please email ChristinaWester@mac.com if you have questions!

RegisterNow sq logoRADIANTbucks Click here for menus and reservations.
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