Please Read – Retreat info you need to know

IMPORTANT:  If you’re going to arrive later than 5pm you must call the sq logo evolutionpark to let them know. (817) 645-4215  Tell them you are with our group and your name so they can check you off their entry fee list and give you your campsite number (if you have a private campsite).

  • Alcohol – For the Community Meals, we will have Hot Tea, Freshly Squeezed Honey Sweetened Lemonade and Ozarka Water, but you can BYO adult beverages. 🙂
    Please be aware of the Alcohol Rules in State Parks.  It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages anywhere but in the Dining Hall, your Tent/Shelter or your RV.  HOWEVER – as long as you don’t have “open containers” you should be fine.  Just pour your beverage of choice (discretely) into an opaque cup.  Consume your beverages QUIETLY after 10pm.  🙂
  • Mess kits – We have disposable plates, cups, utensils etc. for the meals, but we don’t want to use them.  If you can BYO mess kits that will reduce what goes into the landfill.  We will have dish tubs of water for you to wash up. You can put one together for each member of the family using a citrus (or other mesh) bag for easy portability and hanging to dry.
  • Camping chairs – There will be chairs in the Dining Hall and Cedar Lodge (for workshops) but you will need to BYO chair for workshop sessions at Screened Shelter #1 and the community campfires at the Dining Hall Fire Ring.
  • Bicycles – It’s a great way to get around to the different activities at camp PLUS the kids will have bike races on Sunday!  Remember your helmet!
  • Speed Limit is 25 mph – the rangers WILL give you a ticket and we will have kids running around and biking, so it’s a good idea to go slow anyway.
  • Quiet Hours are 10pm-6am. – Don’t make me come in there! 🙂

Click here for suggested packing lists.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!
Please let me know if you have any questions.


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