Our Story of Transformation


I began using PSYCH-K at the end of 2008 with a talented facilitator, Adriane Wolf.

I had been working with a few different tools for a while and although I had made some progress in becoming more conscious of how my thoughts and beliefs were affecting my life, I was feeling frustrated and stuck in many areas.

I consciously KNEW and believed many spiritual truths like: “Unlimited abundance is my birth-right.” or “My natural state is health and well-being.”  But those things weren’t showing up in my life consistently yet.

My subconscious was in disagreement with my conscious mind due to the “program” of beliefs I learned growing up.

Beliefs like:
“We can’t afford THAT.”
“People with wealth are greedy and tight.”
“Good health is a matter of genes and luck.”

The first changes we experienced after starting PSYCH-K were in the areas of abundance and prosperity.  Not JUST financial abundance, but all areas of “good” flowing to us. In the beginning my husband Peter and I took turns having appointments with Adriane since back then we believed that money was VERY scarce and hard to come by.  😉  So we worked on replacing our limiting beliefs about money and any other related beliefs – did you know that if you don’t love yourself unconditionally, it can show up in your finances???

It wasn’t always perfectly smooth and linear, but the general trend since 2009 has been ever increasing abundance, financial and other wise. Despite Peter’s business being “hit hard” by the recession, we were able to move in to a bigger house in 2010 to accommodate our growing family, and in 2014 we moved into our “dream house.” Peter has made two major “career upgrades” since 2009 and at work, he continues to improve his sales records and qualify for more and bigger bonuses.

Some updates since I originally wrote this:
August 2015: Only 8 months into the year Peter has already made MORE sales than he did during the ENTIRE 12 months of 2014!

December 2017: He’s continuing to SHATTER his personal sales records and goals.
He even broke a company wide sales record! (And Pella has been in business for almost 100 years!)
2017 is also the year that Peter has realized several dreams related to flipping houses, real estate investments and his passion of building tiny homes on wheels and growing the Tiny House Movement.

Version 2Psych-K has helped our relationship grow stronger and healthier as we individually release baggage (limiting beliefs) from our childhoods that got in the way of marital and familial harmony. We have done some joint PSYCH-K sessions over the years focused on our joint goals for our finances, marriage and life in general.  The tricky task of “co-creating” our shared reality has become easier and easier with the help of PSYCH-K.

PSYCH-K has also helped us become better parents by healing childhood trauma. I cannot overstate what a difference it has made in our parenting and family life. I won’t go into the personal details, but I can tell you that without the help of PSYCH-K our marriage would not have survived the intense stress of having a child with extreme challenges plus other obstacles that originated with our own childhood traumas.

We took a break from doing PSYCH-K sessions for a while after my third child was born in early 2010, but we continued to experience the benefits of the work we did previously. It was easier to manifest many of our desires, and we were becoming better at creating the lives and circumstances we wanted.  Overall, life was steadily improving until I hit a bit of a “wall” in the area of parenting my child with Autism – and just managing life in general with a baby and a disabled 5 year old who hardly slept.

I have always been prone to depression and anxiety so in early 2013 I was quick to notice that I was experiencing those familiar symptoms yet again.   Since 1993 I have tried many different methods of managing these debilitating conditions (and found a few that actually worked) so I had some tools at my disposal.  I was reluctant to begin psychotherapy (even though it had been helpful in the past) because of the cost and time involved – AND because of the daunting task of finding a therapist who would understand our alternative choices in parenting and educating our children.  It appeared, however, that I didn’t have any other choice since the depression had such a firm grip – and biomedical remedies that had previously helped me keep depression at bay were not bringing enough relief.

FreeYourMindBirdDuring a moment of crisis, PSYCH-K popped into my mind as a possible avenue for healing this life-long problem.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before!   I immediately contacted Adriane to set up an appointment after this long hiatus.

So in mid 2013 we began to work on the depression and anxiety that having an extra needs kid was bringing to the surface for me.  Of course it was about WAAAAAAYYYYY more than just the challenges of parenting a child with severe Autism – those challenges just turned out to be a repeats of old patterns that I still needed to face and release from my childhood and young adulthood.  Add in some extreme fear for my child’s very uncertain future and we had our work cut out for us!

This most recent “round” of PSYCH-K (since 2013) has catapulted me faster and further along my path to JOY and PEACE and FREEDOM than I ever could have imagined possible!  Every session brings more healing, self-confidence and clarity.  I am releasing wounds from the past that had profoundly limited my ability to create the life of my dreams.  I am crystal clear on my purpose in life and how to fulfill that. Creativity is flowing faster than ever and I am more energized and inspired than ever in my work and personal life.

I cannot even accurately describe the magic of PSYCH-K – and I’m NOT exagerating.  It really does feel magical sometimes how YEARS of negative patterns can be dissolved in just one hour!

After I wrote all this ^ I intended to ask Peter to write up a little bit more on his personal experience with PSYCH-K, but few days passed and I forgot to mention it to him.  After a powerful PSYCH-K session today, he was moved to write this down about the healing and realizations he had this afternoon.

(This is big, y’all!  He’s usually not one to “share” like this!)

My whole life I thought I was being humble when I rejected or dismissed a compliment or a gift, when in reality I did not love and respect myself enough to believe that I deserved it and therefore could not fully accept the love and respect that was being given to me.

I was rejecting the thing I longed for, and in turn I could not give that which I was unwilling or unable to receive.


I have been shutting people out for my whole life.
Scared to love.
Scared to show myself to others.
Scared to be vulnerable.


I now see that I am worthy of love and I deserve and accept all that I receive openly.

I can now give love and respect openly and honestly.

Y’all PLEASE let me know if you have any questions about this incredible tool. If you’d like to talk to Peter about his experiences, I can forward your message on to him.

Here’s to healing and to realizing our FULL POTENTIAL
as parents, partners and HUMANS!

Much love,
Christina and Peter





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