Only 2 more weeks for discounts on Retreat Registration

I can’t believe it’s 6 weeks until the Fall Retreat.  I’m so excited to hang out with so many fantastic families, talk unschooling and just have tons of fun!

I know many of you reading this are already registered – so I’m hoping you can help remind your friends who haven’t yet . . .
Retreat Registration fees will go up again after October 15. 
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Currently it’s $79 per person for the 1st four family members.
The 5th-8th family members are only $30 each.
These prices include your campsite, park entry fees and registration for the workshops, childcare and other activities at the retreat, so all that’s left to budget for is gas and food!
See more retreat details here.


We have volunteer opportunities to reduce fees and a payment plan is available.  Please contact me for details on these options.  We want to enable as many families as possible to join us!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Heaps of Love,

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