Nerf Hunger Games Rules

HungerGamesFacilitatorsThis is a simple but super fun game that the kids in our Homeschool Co-op enjoy playing on the playground and at the campouts.

We have put Hunger Games on the schedule for Thursday and Friday afternoons to get the weekend started and help the new kids get to know the group, but the kids are telling me not to “schedule it too much!”  They say it’s more fun to just get up a game – by walking around the campsites and say, “meet in the Dining Hall Yard in 20 minutes” when the mood strikes. 🙂

So if your kids are interested in playing, come at the appointed times on Thursday and Friday and Houston Bradford with get things started, but anytime during the weekend that anyone wants to “call a game” – go for it!

Bring your NERF swords OR make a foam sword at the Arts & Crafts table Thursday or Friday.  Check the schedule for times!

Here are the basic rules the kids have come up with.
HungerGamesBattlePlayers can add modifications to the rules if everyone playing agrees OR the group agrees to go with majority rule.

  • First the boundaries are established.
  • All players put their FOAM weapons in the “middle.” (Nerf or make one at the retreat.)
  • Everyone spreads out and forms a circle or two lines about 20 feet from the center where the weapons are.
  • Somebody says, “GO” and everybody runs to grab a weapon.
  • Battle commences – players can try to attack right away or run into the woods and form a strategy.  (Some players choose to form teams.)
  • A weapon hit to a limb means you “lose” that limb.
    (Players have to put that arm behind their back or hop on one leg.)
  • A weapon hit to the torso = “death” and the player is out.
  • All players agree not to hit each other in the head.
  • Fight to the “death” until there’s one winner.


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