“Tuition Assistance”

We want as many people to come to the retreat as possible!
Hanging out with lots of interesting, freedom loving people
is what makes Unschooling Conferences so fun!

Please do not let money keep you from joining us!

There are many ways you can help out at the Radiant Living & Learning Retreat.
If you need help covering the cost of your registration you can get registration credits for doing lots of different jobs before, during or after the event.

Below is a sampling of jobs we need to fill, but the best thing to do is contact us so we can discuss your skills, interests and where we can best use your talents.  Please submit the Staff Application so that we can match you up with jobs at the retreat.

Staff Jobs

  • Kitchen/Meal Helpers
  • Grill Master (charcoal)
  • Smoothie/Juice/Coffee Bar Volunteer
  • Playing with little kids in Kid Village
  • Bigger Kids’ Crafts
    (we provide craft ideas and supplies, or bring your own ideas)
  • Bigger Kids’ Activities
    (we provide the activity – you implement)
  • Face Painters
  • Henna Artists
  • Dance Party / Mic Night Talent Show
  • Canoe Wranglers
  • Massage Chair
  • Monday Clean up Crew
  • General Volunteers to help with miscellaneous jobs
  • Anything else you can think of that might add to the retreat:
    workshop topics, activities we haven’t thought of, etc.
    Contact Us to discuss ideas.

How much credit can I receive for working?

Generally we will comp $10 per hour.  Some jobs will get more per hour depending on volunteer’s skills and expertise. We will discuss the particular job you are doing, how many shifts you want to cover and determine your discount.  It is important that you show up, and be ON TIME to your assigned shift, as all unfulfilled shifts will incur a charge in the amount of credit that was negotiated for that shift. You may trade with another person to get your job covered.

Have more questions or want to discuss staff positions?
Click here to fill out the Staff Application