Level UP

Limit Clearing Processes 

Level UP is a “life hack” for changing limiting subconscious beliefs, habits and releasing trauma. I have refined and perfected these processes over the years by combining the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained as a Yoga instructor, Energy Psychology practitioner and my experience running a therapy program for my son with Severe Autism.

Level UP utilizes Kinesiology (muscle testing), supportive belief statements and specific body positions/movements to clear and replace subconscious and conscious beliefs that are not supportive of our goals.  Goals like:

Christina performing a muscle test with a client

  • overcoming anxiety and depression
  • releasing old habits & patterns of behavior
  • creating physical health and wellbeing
  • creating the relationship/partnership of your dreams
  • healing after loss and grief
  • releasing past trauma and healing those wounds
    (including past-life trauma)
  • becoming the parent that you WISH you could be
  • increasing self confidence
  • learning to assert yourself
  • advancing your career
  • increasing sales and/or productivity
  • experiencing more abundance in ALL areas of life
  • finding and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose


The body positions in the Level UP processes are derived from Yoga* and they create a state of UNION between the mind, body and spirit. (The word Yoga means Union.)  When we create this state of union we see increased congruence and communication between the hemispheres of the brain enabling us to create new neural pathways that SUPPORT our desires and goals.  We also are able to access the subconscious parts of the mind in order to change limiting beliefs that we previously were not conscious of.

*You do NOT have to be “flexible” or even “in shape” to utilize these techniques, so don’t let the word Yoga scare you! 
There are also modifications that can be done to accommodate injuries or other physical limitations. These processes are for EVERYONE.

Creating “congruence” between the hemispheres of the brain, creating new neural pathways and habits, and creating life as we desire it to be have been common themes running throughout my journeys with Yoga (16 years), Energy Psychology (8 years) and Autism (7 years).  During my own healing adventures, I’ve found a way to combine what I’ve learned from all three experiences into the LevelUP processes I use daily in my personal and professional healing practice. You can see some of these processes in my
Free Level UP Practices posted on YouTube. 

I also use Level UP in private sessions with clients.
Skip to minute 15:00 to view some Limit Clearing Processes used during a private session.

For those who want a more “do-it-yourself” approach:
۞ Level UP Workshops ۞


During the workshop you will learn:

☀️Muscle Testing Techniques (aka Kinesiology) for communicating with your subconscious mind AND your higher-self (the non-physical part of yourself that sees the big picture.) You can also use these techniques for testing foods and supplements as well.

☀️How to use Muscle Testing to determine the limiting beliefs that you need to shift in order to achieve your goals in life.

☀️Tools and guidance for crafting NEW beliefs to replace the old, limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from making the changes you want to make.

☀️3 Belief Shifting Techniques that you can do at home or with clients to increase communication between the hemispheres of the brain and create union within the Mind/Body/Spirit system. Creating this state of union or alignment within our system allows us to release limiting beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that are SUPPORTIVE of our goals.

☀️A Clarification Technique for accessing and changing “stubborn” beliefs where the subconsious mind requires additional information to allow the shift to take place.

☀️A surrogacy process to perform Belief Shifting Techniques for our loved ones remotely (with permission of course!)

💖 2 workbooks containing all course information (PDF format)
💖 Unlimited access to the video recordings of each workshop session
💖 A private, one hour session with Christina to individualize the teachings and to work through limits you have to integrating the material and techniques
💖 LIFETIME Level UP Alumni Status enabling you to repeat the course in future for FREE

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