Retreat Workshop: When it comes to learning: Is “early” always better?

Donna&LuisWe are so pleased to announce that Donna and Luis Gonzalez will be leading several sessions at the retreat!  Donna and Luis have always Unschooled their three children, ages 21, 18 and 12.  They offer thoughtful and practical advice and insights regarding Unschooling, Attachment Parenting and Life in general.  I am lucky to call them my friends, and am so excited to share them with you!  Here’s just a sampling on what they will be presenting:

Is Early Always Better?
We live in a culture that thinks when it comes to children’s learning, “starting early is always better” whether the skills they are learning are academic, musical or physical (learning to walk, sports) etc.

Donna and Luis will share their experience Unschooling their kids who have been allowed to pursue their interests at their own speed.
Here’s one example from their family:
Donna and Luis are talented musicians, so originally their plan was for their children to start Suzuki at age 3.  When this resulted in tears, stomach aches and vomiting, they decided to listen to their kids desires and follow their leads.  Their oldest son, Bobby, eventually decided to take up violin at age 12.  Everyone said it was “too late.” They said, “successful violinists have to start around age 4.”  The Gonzalez’s decided to just go with Bobby’s interests and “trust” as best they could.  As an Unschooler he had time to practice 4-5 hours a day (without coercion).  He “caught up” to all the other kids who started so early and is now a junior in college majoring in music and has been hired as a full-time member for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra!

Join the discussion exploring concepts like the value of practice (or not to practice), allowing kids to quit, parental panic attacks, admitting when Unschooling is “hard” and more.
Ask questions and hear how Donna and Luis have muddled their way through this Unschooling life through the good, the bad and the ugly.

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