Introverts Find a Home at the RAD Retreat!

April Wells and her daughter Judy were first time Retreat attendees in 2014.  As an Atheist and an introvert, April was nervous about joining “the Radiant tribe,” but she was pleasantly surprised by the open and accepting attitude she found – families all along the spectrum of home education styles AND religious beliefs/non-belief.


April was the first of the “early birds” to register this year, so I asked her to share her thoughts about the Radiant Living & Learning Retreat for any newcomers that might be considering it.


I really enjoyed the camaraderie.
I don’t really fit into most groups, but for a weekend I got to feel like I was part of something. My daughter got to free range with a pack of other children who were also free ranging and hang out, play and be herself.

For any newcomer families who do not consider themselves unschoolers, this retreat is a chance for you and your children to sit back and relax and have a good time while getting a good look at families who are succeeding while unschooling.

For families who already unschool it is pretty much the same thing, you get to meet other families who have amazing kids who are succeeding.

For ANY family, the retreat is an opportunity to learn from other families, and to be a part of that process as you share your successes and failures.”

Thanks April for sharing your experience!

If YOU would like to join the “Radiant Tribe” this November,
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We are looking forward to welcoming your family
and offering support you as you explore educational and parenting alternatives!



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