Scheduling your first session with Christina

FreeYourMindBirdPrivate, Face-to-Face appointments are available:

  • In person – east side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Via Video Chat – on
  • Via Telephone – send me your digits


If you would like to read more about
sessions with Christina before booking, click here.

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To book an appointment please complete the following FOUR steps:

  1. Fill out the Client Intake Form
  2. Contact Christina for the next available appointment times
  3. Send your payment to reserve your selected appointment time
    Choose one of the following (you do NOT need a PayPal account)
    1 Conscious Creation Session – $111
    1 Soul Alignment Session – $111

    1 Core Belief Balance or 1 Relationship Balance Session – $222
    3 Month Accelerated Change Program – $2002 
    6 Month Accelerated Change Program – $3003 

Once Christina has received your intake form and payment she will confirm your appointment time.

IMPORTANT 4th Step: Click on the link included in your appointment confirmation. It will lead you through the process of downloading the Zoom App, so be sure you are on the device that you will be using for your appointment.
Once installed, you will be able to log on to the video call by clicking the same link.

What can I expect during a session with Christina?
(from the Frequently Asked Questions page)

Before your first session you will fill out an intake form that gives you an opportunity to clarify the issues that you want to address.  At your first appointment, Christina will discuss these with you in order to determine your specific goal for the session.  This discussion can be as in-depth as you want, or you can just define the goal and move straight to the Limit Clearing or Balancing Processes.

If your goal includes releasing painful memories or healing trauma, or if it involves something private or embarrassing from your past, you do NOT have to discuss it with Christina.  You can just name the “issue” that you are wanting to work on and she can begin muscle testing to determine which kinds of processes and belief statements will be the most appropriate and efficient for making the changes you want to make.

Christina will then lead you through the Limit Clearing and Balancing processes by giving simple instructions for body positions or movements that create a Whole-Brain State.  While you are in this state of heightened communication between the hemispheres of the   brain, she will direct you through the process of replacing your self-limiting beliefs with new beliefs that are supportive of your chosen goals. (This is a conscious process and you remain in control at all times.)

The PSYCH-K and Level UP processes are EXPERIENCES that really defy description – the easiest way to understand it is to SHOW someone how to do the processes which is why video chat and in-person appointments are ideal. (See the video Christina and Gracie made of a private session. Start at 15:00 to go straight to the limit clearing processes.)

A typical session lasts about an hour, but the number of Limit Clearing Processes done during that time might vary greatly. Some Processes are more complex than others and even the simplest Processes can take varying amounts of time to complete depending on the goal, the belief being changed and the individual needs of the client.

See more FAQ’s here

Important Info to Remember:
Your appointment time will not be officially reserved until your payment is received.

Please let Christina know as soon as possible via TEXT or Facebook Messenger if you cannot make your scheduled appointment time.

Your session payment will be applied to your rescheduled appointment OR you can notify Christina that you want to transfer your session payment to a friend.  If this is not possible, you can request a refund minus a $20 administrative fee.

Reschedules, transfers or requests for refunds must be done within 12 MONTHS of original payment date or the entire payment is forfeited.