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This year, I’ve been inspired to focus my workshop offerings on “Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation.” This is a topic I’ve been studying and practicing in my life since 1999 and as I’ve shared what I’ve learned, people have sent me questions over the years on applying the Universal Laws of Conscious Creation to their lives.

So here’s Q&A #1 – hope it’s helpful in your Adventures in Manifesting! 💖

My husband has been offered a job that is not ideal, but it IS good money.  We’re really struggling financially so I don’t feel like we’re in a position right now to turn down abundance in any form.  But taking this job doesn’t feel good either, so is it better to not accept it and see what else might come our way?

~ Martha

Dear Martha,
There is not a “right” or “wrong” answer here in terms of one choice being better than the other.  From a vibrational perspective there are aspects of this job which cause conflicting vibrations in you and there are aspects of NOT accepting the job which cause conflicting vibes.

In this case, the type of work doesn’t feel good, but the money you would receive does feel good.  Or from the opposite standpoint: refusing the work might feel good but refusing the money does not feel good.  So either decision has an element of resistance, aka “bad” feelings, aka the vibration of experiencing something “unwanted.”

These conflicting feelings about the two choices will exist as long as you are in a strictly reactive state – just reacting to what you perceive in your reality rather than consciously CHOOSING how to feel/vibrate about something.

This is where conscious creation comes in.  In every moment we are choosing how to react to things.  Most of these choices are unconscious so it seems like our reactions and feelings are just automatic – like the environment is CAUSING our reactions.  But we ARE indeed choosing.

We think thoughts about what we’re experiencing (or about potential experiences) which are either IN ALIGNMENT with the way Source Energy views the experience or NOT in alignment with that higher perspective.

Based on the alignment or mis-alignment of our thoughts with the truth that Source Energy holds for us, we will then “vibrate” accordingly.  When we think thoughts that are in alignment with what Source knows to be true for us, we feel good feelings.  When we think thoughts that are NOT in alignment with what Source knows to be true for us we feel bad.  So the choice (or conscious control) isn’t about controlling our feelings. That is indeed automatic.  The conscious part is in CHOOSING WHAT THOUGHTS WE THINK.  Our thoughts are either in alignment with Source or not, and therefore they cause harmony or discord within our mind/body/spirit system.

This is why neither option is “right” or “wrong,” “better” or “worse.”  It’s the thoughts you choose to think ABOUT the job that make part of this decision feel right and part of it feel wrong.   If you decide to take the job, your thoughts are already easily in harmony with the more money part, so the task is to find some thoughts to think about the work that will help you find alignment.  For example “it is only temporary, I can do anything for a while,”  ”maybe i will like it more than I think I will,” “maybe I will learn some things that will be useful in other areas of my life” etc.  It is up to you to find the thoughts that work for you to feel better about the work.

If you decide not take the job, your thoughts about turning it down are already in harmony with Source (there is no lack of job opportunities), so your task is to find thoughts that feel better about letting the money go.  For example, “I manifested THIS job offer, so it’s possible for me to manifest 10 more offers with better work and the same or better pay,” or
”By releasing this work that doesn’t please me, I make room in my experience for more job offers that please me more,” or  ”The universe is abundant and I open to receive that abundance every day.”

Again it’s whatever thoughts you can easily “buy into” that also resonate with the way Source views things.

When you are thinking thoughts like “it would not be smart to turn down this abundance” that is not in alignment with Source because Source knows that resources, abundance, prosperity is unlimited, so whether you take this money or not, there will always be more available to you (if you can ALLOW it into your experience).

Turning down money feels scary or bad ONLY if you don’t believe that more can come just as easily.

The good news is: you CHOOSE your beliefs.  Many people think this is not true, but everyone can think of things that they believed earlier in life that they no longer believe.  Beliefs can change.  They really are just habits – neural pathways that have been practiced long enough that they are automatic. Some of our beliefs we formulate on our own through thought or experiences, but many are passed on to us by people in our lives or by the society we live in or by the collective consciousness. Wherever they originally come from we can now CHOOSE whether to “believe” them or not.  Finding new beliefs (new habits of thought) that feel better (more in harmony with your Source Energy) are the way to stay in a state of allowing the things we WANT to come to us.
You can find the thoughts you are thinking about the job offer that are out of alignment with Source by simply thinking about accepting this job and observing how you feel.  Then try out new thoughts and see how they feel.  When you find the ones that feel good – you’ve found your agreement with Source.  If you want to do the work because of the money it brings, then just practice thinking those thoughts over and over to replace the habits of thought that didn’t feel good.

Generally I would NOT recommend doing work that knocks you out of alignment for long periods of time. Pursuing your “passions” and work that makes it easy to stay in alignment is the easiest way to stay in a state of allowing abundance to flow to you.  But I know that many people are not yet to the place of FULLY believing that it’s possible to make enough money doing what we love.

So it’s understandable why someone would choose to take work that they don’t prefer because it delivers a paycheck. This is fine, but if you DO take work that is not ideal, you will never find ideal work that pays the bills IF you are continually thinking thoughts about that work that throw you out of alignment.

If you choose to take less than ideal work because of the money, then you sure as hell better find a way to think about that work that feels joyful.  Find little pieces of the work that bring you joy, or as you are doing it, imagine that you are doing the preferred work, think about all the fun things you can do with the money it brings.  Whatever it takes to stay in a place of love, joy or even just in the neutral place of acceptance.  That way you can “make” progress in manifesting jobs which fulfill more of the criteria that you desire = the desired amount of money AND the desired type of work.  Taking the unwanted type of work CAN be helpful in the sense that it gives you practice finding joy and alignment even in a situation that is not preferred.

So your question brings up 2 things that I wish every human knew.

1. YOU ARE A POWERFUL MANIFESTOR – you CAN manifest your desires. Manifesting a job (although imperfect) is evidence of this. Staying “in the flow” or “in alignment with Source” is the way to allow your desires into your experience more and more.

2. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF HOW TO REACT TO WHAT SHOWS UP IN YOUR EXPERIENCE – the choice comes in which thoughts you think about what you observe/experience.  When you can find thoughts that align with Source EVEN when you are observing something unwanted, THAT is mastery over your vibration.

That is the key to living a joyful life.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you manifest.  What does matter is maintaining your alignment with Source.  That is HOW you allow your manifestations into your experience. That is how you bring more joy, love, light  and peace into this world.

So it does not matter what decisions you make in the physical experience of your life – what matters is what you choose to think (and therefore vibrate) ABOUT the decisions you make and the decisions others make. Choosing beliefs (and therefore thoughts) that are in harmony with Source Energy is how we create Peace within ourselves and ultimately how we will create Peace on Earth!

Heaps of Love,

For more info on working with the Universal Laws of Conscious Creation OR on changing stubborn beliefs that are limiting our ability to create the lives that we desire, check out The Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation, The Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation workshop portal or 1-on-1 work with Christina.


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