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Private Sessions on a Budget 

Consciously creating our reality is tricky.  Just when we think we’ve changed the limiting beliefs and habits from our upbringing, something shows up in our experience to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that we still have plenty of work to do.  **SIGH**

Even after conscious efforts to change old beliefs and habits, they usually continue to linger in our subconscious minds, occasionally wreaking havoc on our goals and dreams, or simply making relationships or life in general difficult. Originally these beliefs were programmed into us during the first 7 years of life (when our conscious “filters” didn’t yet exist) and later through the repetition of decades of thoughts, words and actions that are burned into our “wiring.” These beliefs and habits reflect the person we USED to be, but often they don’t support the person we WANT to become.  No matter how much conscious work we do on releasing those old beliefs and habits, they will still come out during times of stress. Or they can slip out ANYTIME when the conscious mind is otherwise occupied with juggling several tasks at once.

(This is why new parents are often startled when they hear their “parents come out of their mouths” in the early days of parenthood. This is common because the juggling act of parenting creates enough distraction for the conscious mind that our old patterns and habits rear their sometimes ugly heads – MUCH more often than before we had kids.)

Changing these subconscious beliefs can be done through various methods, some of which take longer than others.  For example the repetition method I mentioned above is powerful, BUT it takes a LOT of repetitions of the new habit to undo all the layers of “wiring” in the subconscious mind that supports the old habit. Here’s a list of all the ways (I know of) to shift beliefs and habits that reside in the subconscious mind.

Since 2008 I have been using Energy Psychology (starting with Psych-K & Yoga modalities) to shift my own limiting beliefs (many of which I THOUGHT I had already cleared – lol) and I was ASTONISHED at how quickly I noticed changes in my life. It felt lightyears faster than the other methods I’d tried. My husband quickly joined me in using these practices – often facilitated by the amazing & talented Adriane Wolf.

The healing, transformation and “miraculous” experiences we’ve had in these last 9 years would fill a book. You can read some highlights here, but the TLDR version is that life has improved drastically in every way and NOW when life throws us curve balls, we are able to recognize the healing opportunities faster AND we have tools that help us maximize the growth and expansion that comes with life’s obstacles.

Of course we still “lose our shit” sometimes, but now we know how to help each other become aware of the wounds that are being activated.  These tools help us fully face our “shadow” selves – where all of our childhood crap and wounds are kept – to find the deep healing opportunities that are coming to light.

In 2015 I took the Basic and Advanced Psych-K courses and began using those techniques to support clients in shifting their subconscious beliefs.  I quickly began to incorporate my own personal healing practices in my sessions as well.  These practices incorporate my training in Yoga, Reiki, Kinesiology and The Son-Rise Autism Therapy Program. Over the last couple of years I’ve “codified” some of these techniques in order to teach others how to use them. (learn more about Level UP here)

It has been such a blessing to witness the transformation that happens for folks when they commit to this work! (read feedback from clients here)

Over the last couple of years, the biggest frustration in my healing practice has been WATCHING MONEY STOP SO MANY PEOPLE from utilizing these techniques to their fullest potential.  This frustration is just an extension of my own healing journey because I used to BE one of those people that could rarely afford to spend money on myself. I know exactly what it’s like to WANT to make changes and feel trapped by my limited bank account.

In an effort to bring this work to more people I have come up with a way for you to experience some of the benefits of working with me 1-on-1, without the “private session” price tag.

Here’s how it works:

Each week I will use the surrogacy muscle testing process that I use for all of my long-distance private clients to determine the beliefs you need to shift at this point in your life’s journey. I will be testing for belief statements that support your “highest & best good” and your specific goals for creating your ideal life.

You will fill out an Intake Form (aka Conscious Creation Worksheet) and list your long term and short term life goals in 5 Life Areas. Each week, I will muscle test to see which goal(s) you need to work on during the coming week.* Then I will muscle test for you in surrogacy to find the belief statements that you need at this time in your life to support those goals and clear the limiting beliefs that are still lingering (both conscious and subconscious).

*The order and timing of the limiting beliefs we clear is just as important as the content of the beliefs we clear. Clearing these beliefs in the ORDER our individual system needs it to be done is one element that creates the rapid change we experience using Energy Psychology.)

You will take the personalized belief statements I send you each week and reprogram them (aka create new “wiring,” both in the brain AND in your larger Mind/BodySpirit system) using videos where I guide you through the limit clearing processes.

This is how my husband has been doing “sessions” with me for the last year or so. I go into surrogacy for him and make him a list of beliefs he needs at the moment to support his goals (and our joint goals) and he reprograms a few at a time whenever he has a free 15-20 minutes. (He doesn’t need the video part because he’s been doing the limit clearing processes so long that he has them memorized.)

In the videos I send you, I will also share tidbits of info on these techniques that will help you eventually develop your own self-contained Level UP practice. My ultimate goal is for my clients to “need me” less and less and to trust their “Inner Guidance” more and more. With practice you can learn muscle testing and how to craft powerful belief statements for yourself. That, together with the limit clearing processes that you will learn in the videos, form the foundation for a powerful personal healing practice.  Of course we can ALWAYS benefit from time to time by consulting with a practitioner that is skilled at helping us get unstuck or over a hump, but that can be few and far between once we become skilled with these tools and use them on a regular basis.

I’m offering 3 plans for the Conscious Creation Sessions on a Budget:

Once a Week
This plan is good for folks who are new to Energy Psychology and just want to “dip a toe” into the work.
It’s also great for Energy Psychology “Veterans” who want a “regular maintenance plan” to keep things flowing smoothly and to reduce the stressful effects of the normal “bumps” we experience on the road of life.

The Once a Week plan includes:

  • A Conscious Creation Worksheet [aka “The Intake Form”] to get your creative juices flowing on your life, your goals and the reality that you want to create for yourself.
  • Once weekly emails with 2-5 belief statements for you to clear during that week.
  • A monthly-ish video from me demonstrating the limit clearing processes and sharing nuggets of information about the overall process: how it works and how we can use it as a regular self-care/healing practice.
  • Weekly access to me through email (I will respond weekly, you can write more often if you need to!) to discuss your questions and experiences as you clear these limits and move more fully into the most authentic expression of yourself. We can also discuss and refine your goals if necessary.
  • Complimentary Membership in the Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation which meets LIVE twice a month on (schedule follows the cycle of the moon). This is a great opportunity to ask questions and share your successes and struggles as you become a more conscious creator. It’s also fun to hear from and connect with others who are doing this work. It’s also a nice time for me to see your face and connect with you “real time” which will only enhance our work together.
  • Access to me via text message for urgent consultation if the need arises.
    This would be rare in the once a week plan, but sometimes as we move stuck energy and the emotions associated with our deep wounds, it can feel very intense. These experiences are sometimes bizarre and outside of the typical mainstream vocabulary. Sometimes just getting validation that your experience is a common “side effect” of this kind of energy work is enough. If you need more support, I can do a couple of balances for you in surrogacy or send you a couple of belief statements for you to balance that will help you integrate the changes and gracefully let go of the energy that is being released.

Investment in yourself for
Once a Week
or $55/month
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The first week is free!

Twice a Week
This plan is great when you want to “jump in  with both feet” or if you’re on the Once a Week plan but you’re “hungry” for more. For Energy Psychology “Veterans” this would be the “maintenance plan” to upgrade to when your life adventure goes through a “rocky” phase.

The Twice a Week plan includes:

  • Everything in the Once a Week plan with these changes:
  • 4 – 10 Personalized belief statements in your weekly email.
    This plan is designed to be implemented in a minimum of 2 sessions per week. You can spread these statements out into 3 or 4 shorter sessions.
  • Twice weekly email check-ins.  (I will respond twice a week – if necessary – some weeks you won’t need to email me, but that option is there for the times you are needing that extra support or there is a lot that’s coming up for you to clear.)

Investment in yourself for
Twice a Week
or $99/month
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The first week is free!


If you’re ready to experience the benefits of Energy Psychology for mental, spiritual and even physical healing, but private sessions aren’t in your budget right now,
register now to begin anyway!

Don’t wait until you can “afford” it.
Start NOW to release the subconscious limits that have been holding you back financially – so you CAN AFFORD IT!

You DEFINITELY DESERVE IT, so start your FREE TRIAL NOW   and see if this work is good fit for you! Once you fill out the registration form, and start your free trial through paypal, you will get everything you need to do a week’s worth of belief clearing before you commit financially.

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I can’t WAIT for you to experience the magic of this work!

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Can you see how excited I am? Let’s do this!!!