Day Passes + News & Updates

Please check the Radiant Living & Learning Facebook Group for the latest news & updates & important info you need to know in planning for the Retreat.
If you haven’t already, TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS in the group to ALL POSTS in the top right corner of the group’s main page.

If you are planning on coming for a single day – you can purchase a Day Pass through the Registration Page.  
Fill out the registration form there and when you click submit, you will see a link to the payment page.

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Last call for Meals and Private Campsites

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Please fill out your reservations for meals ASAP.

Contact Christina if you need to make other arrangements for payment.

Here’s the link to the meal reservation form.


sq logoFACILITESThere is still time for friends to register for the retreat, but if they want a private campsite, they need to Contact Christina ASAP.

The Group Campsite still has space and there are beds available in the Bunkhouses too.  Those accommodations will be available as long as there is space.


If you haven’t paid the balance on your campsite, please do so ASAP.

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Thursday’s dinner is the Community Potluck/Chili Cook-Off.

Prize for the best chili is the book:
Reclaiming My Birth Rights 
written by one of our Workshop Facilitators, Dr. Adrienne Carmak

If you don’t want to enter the cook-off, just bring some food to share!  Side dishes and desserts are needed too!






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Conscious Parenting: Intuition & Clarity

ShowUpIn one way or another the way we were parented affects the way we parent.  It’s unavoidable.  We either recreate old patterns or swing the pendulum so far to the opposite extreme from what our parents did, that we feel like we’re flying by the seat of our pants.  Often we do both, and either way we will beat ourselves up for recreating the stuff that hurt us deeply as children, or we doubt our parenting choices as we try to do something so radically different that we’re not even sure WHAT is the right “way.”

If we are able to get clear enough of mental chatter we CAN parent intuitively – meeting the needs of each individual child and helping them learn and grow peacefully to their full potential.  The more childhood “baggage” we can release, the clearer and clearer we can get, allowing us to hear that Inner Voice of Wisdom that is telling us what our children need and how we can best help them.

There are many ways to clear away the baggage and release old patterns that don’t wish to create with our children.  The Work by Byron Katie is one of the most powerful, yet simple, tools to achieve this.

Let’s show up for our children by showing up for ourselves! In this workshop session at the Radiant Living & Learning Retreat Daphne Osunlade Edwards will lead us through an inquiry process using The Work on how we were or weren’t parented. Let’s end our internal war, hurt and shame of our OWN childhoods by working to release our stories about our primary caregivers.  Doing this simple, yet profound process can help us get a few steps closer to being the parent we want to be for our kids. We are all a work in progress!

Join us October 23-27 for the

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 in Cleburne, Texas! 

Come for the weekend or just for the day.

We will have 3 days of workshops on various aspects of Peaceful Parenting and Child-Centered Education

Kids activities and PlayLand Childcare are included in registration

We had a blast last year playing in the woods with like-minded families and we look forward to supporting each other again this year as we discover the Radiant Lives we were meant to live!

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Daphne Osunlade Edwards is a mother, medicine woman, and spiritual coach assisting folks from all over the globe in releasing emotional blocks, expanding consciousness, and intuiting their own physical well-being. She gifts her clients with practical tools and techniques, steeped in Universal laws and principles, which help them align with a life that works for their highest divine good.