Potluck & Chili Cook-Off, Community Meals and Important Deadlines

sq logo MEALSAn attendee from last year’s retreat posted a good bit of advice about meals on the Facebook group.  Here’s what she said:

Last year, my family and I decided instead of paying for the community meals, we could eat cheaper if we fed ourselves. Boy, were we wrong.

Not in the sense that we spent more money on the food we brought, but we lost out on the value of sitting down to a common meal with the rest of the attendees.

When community mealtimes came, we separated from our friends, new and old to go off and eat from our ice chest.

This year, we’ve agreed that we’ll spend the extra on community meals. Being able to sit and break bread with like minded people is undervalued, but not by us this year.

We hope to see everyone there with us, we look forward to connecting with you.

~ Pepper Lee (aka Andrea Revels)

We want everyone to join the group for as many meals as possible, so check out the menus and sign up here today!  Deadline for reservations is Friday, Oct. 17th.

On Thursday night we are having a Community Potluck and Chili Cook-Off!  Cook a pot of your favorite Chili now, freeze it and bring it to the Retreat Thursday.  Or bring a side dish or dessert!  We will have plugs for crock pots and there’s a stove to heat up stock pots.  Click here for more details.

We will also have a Coffee Bar each morning and a Smoothie Bar during breakfast and lunch times each day.  Click here for details on purchasing Radiant Bucks for those.

Please email ChristinaWester@mac.com if you have questions!

RegisterNow sq logoRADIANTbucks Click here for menus and reservations.
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Food at the Retreat

Below is the food info for this year’s RAD Retreat! 

Each family will be responsible for their own food at the Retreat, BUT we do have plans for some optional community dining!

We are having a Community Pot-Luck on Thursday night and there are options for you to purchase a few Catered Meals throughout the weekend as well as delicious smoothies and serious coffee available each day.

Dining Hall

  • Cook a pot of your famous chili at home, freeze it and bring it down to camp on Thursday
  • OR bring a side dish or dessert to share
  • Please bring a serving spoon and be sure to label it with your name!

We will have plugs for crock-pots if you want to bring your chili and plug it in earlier in the day.  There is also a stove to heat up a stock pot. We will gather at 6pm in the Dining Hall (It’s the building between the “Men’s Barracks” and “Women’s Barracks” on the map – pick up a map at the Ranger Station when you enter the park or view online here).

2014JuiceBarMenu COFFEE and SMOOTHIE BAR Dining Hall

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast & Lunchtime
Freshly ground, organic & fair trade coffee will be brewed with a french press each morning.
Delicious, fresh, whole food smoothies will be available during breakfast and lunch time.
We will also have some snacks like nuts, Kashi bars and fruit snacks for sale (no artificial stuff in the snacks.)
Purchase Radiant Bucks now to enjoy these goodies at the Retreat!

CATERED MEALS – RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Alex Walters catered for us last year and this year he will be doing dinner Friday and Saturday nights.
For Sunday lunch Lisa Ruiz (our amazing caterer from the first RAD Retreat) will be making delicious soups and we will have sandwich and salad fixings as well.  See the full menus below.


Friday Dinner – $11 Adults, $6 Kids
Grilled Portabella (V)
Buns or Lettuce Wraps 
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles
Roasted Corn (V)
Grilled Asparagus (V)
Deviled Potato Salad (V)

Saturday Dinner – $11 Adults, $6 Kids

Grilled Chicken
Fajita Veggies – Zuccini, Squash, Bell Pepper, Tomato, Mushroom & Onion (V)
Flour or Corn Tortillas
Lettuce Wraps for wheat-free option
Charro Beans (V)
Spanish Rice (V)
Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Salsa & Sour Cream

Sunday Lunch – $11 Adults, $6 Kids
Soups, Salad and Sandwiches!
Split Pea soup (Vegan)
Butternut Squash soup (Paleo/GF)
Loaded Baked Potato/Broccoli soup (GF)
Salad and Sandwich Fixin’s
include meat and veggie and gluten free options

We need a head count for meals by October 27th, so make your reservations now!

Fill out this form to order your meals.
Payment instructions will follow the order form.

What are Radiant Bucks?

Texas law prohibits exchanging money in Texas State Parks, so we will be using tickets (Radiant Bucks) like they do at the Fair or a school carnival for the items listed below.

(except catered meals)

You can purchase Radiant Bucks now and they will be waiting for you at the registration table when you arrive at the Retreat.
1 Radiant Buck = $1

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to order Radiant Bucks.
Here’s what they will buy:

Fresh Orange Juice and Smoothies
Dining Hall
5 Radiant Bucks

Click here for the MENU
& hours of availability


Organic & Fair Trade Coffee
Dining Hall
2-4 Radiant Bucks
Freshly ground each morning and brewed with a french press.
Organic Whole Milk, Half & Half and Almond Milk available

Click here for the MENU
& hours of availability


Chair Massage
Dining Hall Porch
1 Radiant Buck per minute

Face Painting
Dining Hall
2 – 6 Radiant Bucks

Canoe Rides
Cedar Lake
2 Radiant Bucks per person

1 Radiant Buck = $1

Order tickets here: