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we’ll be getting together to talk Unschooling & Self-Directed Learning!

Intro to Energy Psychology
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Conscious Creation 101

This year, I’ve been inspired to focus my workshop offerings on “Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation.” This is a topic I’ve been studying and practicing in my life since 1999 and as I’ve shared what I’ve learned, people have sent me questions over the years on applying the Universal Laws of Conscious Creation to their lives.

So here’s Q&A #1 – hope it’s helpful in your Adventures in Manifesting! 💖

My husband has been offered a job that is not ideal, but it IS good money.  We’re really struggling financially so I don’t feel like we’re in a position right now to turn down abundance in any form.  But taking this job doesn’t feel good either, so is it better to not accept it and see what else might come our way?

~ Martha

Dear Martha,
There is not a “right” or “wrong” answer here in terms of one choice being better than the other.  From a vibrational perspective there are aspects of this job which cause conflicting vibrations in you and there are aspects of NOT accepting the job which cause conflicting vibes.

In this case, the type of work doesn’t feel good, but the money you would receive does feel good.  Or from the opposite standpoint: refusing the work might feel good but refusing the money does not feel good.  So either decision has an element of resistance, aka “bad” feelings, aka the vibration of experiencing something “unwanted.”

These conflicting feelings about the two choices will exist as long as you are in a strictly reactive state – just reacting to what you perceive in your reality rather than consciously CHOOSING how to feel/vibrate about something.

This is where conscious creation comes in.  In every moment we are choosing how to react to things.  Most of these choices are unconscious so it seems like our reactions and feelings are just automatic – like the environment is CAUSING our reactions.  But we ARE indeed choosing.

We think thoughts about what we’re experiencing (or about potential experiences) which are either IN ALIGNMENT with the way Source Energy views the experience or NOT in alignment with that higher perspective.

Based on the alignment or mis-alignment of our thoughts with the truth that Source Energy holds for us, we will then “vibrate” accordingly.  When we think thoughts that are in alignment with what Source knows to be true for us, we feel good feelings.  When we think thoughts that are NOT in alignment with what Source knows to be true for us we feel bad.  So the choice (or conscious control) isn’t about controlling our feelings. That is indeed automatic.  The conscious part is in CHOOSING WHAT THOUGHTS WE THINK.  Our thoughts are either in alignment with Source or not, and therefore they cause harmony or discord within our mind/body/spirit system.

This is why neither option is “right” or “wrong,” “better” or “worse.”  It’s the thoughts you choose to think ABOUT the job that make part of this decision feel right and part of it feel wrong.   If you decide to take the job, your thoughts are already easily in harmony with the more money part, so the task is to find some thoughts to think about the work that will help you find alignment.  For example “it is only temporary, I can do anything for a while,”  ”maybe i will like it more than I think I will,” “maybe I will learn some things that will be useful in other areas of my life” etc.  It is up to you to find the thoughts that work for you to feel better about the work.

If you decide not take the job, your thoughts about turning it down are already in harmony with Source (there is no lack of job opportunities), so your task is to find thoughts that feel better about letting the money go.  For example, “I manifested THIS job offer, so it’s possible for me to manifest 10 more offers with better work and the same or better pay,” or
”By releasing this work that doesn’t please me, I make room in my experience for more job offers that please me more,” or  ”The universe is abundant and I open to receive that abundance every day.”

Again it’s whatever thoughts you can easily “buy into” that also resonate with the way Source views things.

When you are thinking thoughts like “it would not be smart to turn down this abundance” that is not in alignment with Source because Source knows that resources, abundance, prosperity is unlimited, so whether you take this money or not, there will always be more available to you (if you can ALLOW it into your experience).

Turning down money feels scary or bad ONLY if you don’t believe that more can come just as easily.

The good news is: you CHOOSE your beliefs.  Many people think this is not true, but everyone can think of things that they believed earlier in life that they no longer believe.  Beliefs can change.  They really are just habits – neural pathways that have been practiced long enough that they are automatic. Some of our beliefs we formulate on our own through thought or experiences, but many are passed on to us by people in our lives or by the society we live in or by the collective consciousness. Wherever they originally come from we can now CHOOSE whether to “believe” them or not.  Finding new beliefs (new habits of thought) that feel better (more in harmony with your Source Energy) are the way to stay in a state of allowing the things we WANT to come to us.
You can find the thoughts you are thinking about the job offer that are out of alignment with Source by simply thinking about accepting this job and observing how you feel.  Then try out new thoughts and see how they feel.  When you find the ones that feel good – you’ve found your agreement with Source.  If you want to do the work because of the money it brings, then just practice thinking those thoughts over and over to replace the habits of thought that didn’t feel good.

Generally I would NOT recommend doing work that knocks you out of alignment for long periods of time. Pursuing your “passions” and work that makes it easy to stay in alignment is the easiest way to stay in a state of allowing abundance to flow to you.  But I know that many people are not yet to the place of FULLY believing that it’s possible to make enough money doing what we love.

So it’s understandable why someone would choose to take work that they don’t prefer because it delivers a paycheck. This is fine, but if you DO take work that is not ideal, you will never find ideal work that pays the bills IF you are continually thinking thoughts about that work that throw you out of alignment.

If you choose to take less than ideal work because of the money, then you sure as hell better find a way to think about that work that feels joyful.  Find little pieces of the work that bring you joy, or as you are doing it, imagine that you are doing the preferred work, think about all the fun things you can do with the money it brings.  Whatever it takes to stay in a place of love, joy or even just in the neutral place of acceptance.  That way you can “make” progress in manifesting jobs which fulfill more of the criteria that you desire = the desired amount of money AND the desired type of work.  Taking the unwanted type of work CAN be helpful in the sense that it gives you practice finding joy and alignment even in a situation that is not preferred.

So your question brings up 2 things that I wish every human knew.

1. YOU ARE A POWERFUL MANIFESTOR – you CAN manifest your desires. Manifesting a job (although imperfect) is evidence of this. Staying “in the flow” or “in alignment with Source” is the way to allow your desires into your experience more and more.

2. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF HOW TO REACT TO WHAT SHOWS UP IN YOUR EXPERIENCE – the choice comes in which thoughts you think about what you observe/experience.  When you can find thoughts that align with Source EVEN when you are observing something unwanted, THAT is mastery over your vibration.

That is the key to living a joyful life.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you manifest.  What does matter is maintaining your alignment with Source.  That is HOW you allow your manifestations into your experience. That is how you bring more joy, love, light  and peace into this world.

So it does not matter what decisions you make in the physical experience of your life – what matters is what you choose to think (and therefore vibrate) ABOUT the decisions you make and the decisions others make. Choosing beliefs (and therefore thoughts) that are in harmony with Source Energy is how we create Peace within ourselves and ultimately how we will create Peace on Earth!

Heaps of Love,

For more info on working with the Universal Laws of Conscious Creation OR on changing stubborn beliefs that are limiting our ability to create the lives that we desire, check out The Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation, The Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation workshop portal or 1-on-1 work with Christina.


Reclaiming our Personal Power

It’s time for humans to reclaim our personal power.
The days of giving our power away to institutions and “experts” are over.
YOU have the ability to discern what is true or right FOR YOU.

Intuition is one tool for that, but we also have another, built-in biofeedback mechanism that we can access to confirm and verify what our intuition is nudging us toward.
Once we become confident in our own discernment abilities, we can move forward in life with FEWER DOUBTS. We can stand FIRM in our own power and create the lives we WANT to live AND the world we WANT to live in.

I want EVERY SINGLE HUMAN to know this power.
It’s why I do the work that I do.
It’s is why I have a policy of “no one turned away for financial reasons.”
People need to know about and learn how to USE this power!

Muscle Testing is a method of biofeedback.
Our bodies will be STRONG in the presence of things and ideas that are congruent or harmonious with our mind/body/spirit system.
Our bodies will be WEAK in the presence of things and ideas that are are incongruent or disharmonious with our mind/body/spirit system.

By using this “True/False” method of communicating with our bodies, we can uncover answers for ALL KINDS of healing AND for clarity as we navigate our daily lives.

Using Kinesiology has been a life changing (and sometimes earth shattering) experience for me. Always in a good way!

My first experience with Muscle Testing was in 2002 when the acupuncturist permanently healed my toddler’s allergies WITHOUT DRUGS!
I didn’t understand exactly how it worked, but I SAW the results.  At that point I didn’t care HOW it worked, I was just SO glad to get my BABY off of daily prescription drugs and breathing treatments!

My next experiences with Kinesiology were during my own emotional and physical healing adventures.  First in 2008 when I began to using Energy Psychology and later in 2011 with another “alternative” healthcare practitioner to heal my liver and gall bladder and avoid surgery. (I still have my gall bladder and I plan on keeping it FOREVER!)

Since 2008 my husband and I have used Muscle Testing to help us gain clarity on almost all MAJOR decisions and over the last few years we have come to use it on a daily basis. We muscle test to determine what limiting beliefs we need to clear during our spiritual/healing practice each morning. We muscle test for the right foods and supplements for ourselves and our children. And we even use muscle testing to help make decisions at work.

In 2015 I began a healing practice working with individuals using Energy Psychology. Although I SHOULDN’T be surprised after all these years, I am continually ASTOUNDED by the unexpected ways that Muscle Testing + Intuitive Guidance lead us STRAIGHT to the heart of the matter for profound release and healing.  My clients use the words “miraculous” and “magical” on a regular basis to describe their experiences with this work. This is not something that only certain people can use and benefit from. We ALL can use this tool for greater clarity and healing.

I can’t imagine what life would be like without Muscle Testing.

And I HATE that so many people try to learn these techniques but then give up out of frustration or lack of confidence in the test results.

I have found that just learning the mechanics of the techniques is not enough for many of us, so I have created a Muscle Testing workshop that goes beyond the nuts and bolts and assists students in identifying and releasing the limiting beliefs they have about Kinesiology or about their own abilities to use this tool with confidence and accuracy.

Muscle testing takes practice, but everyone CAN learn how to use it to reduce guess work and doubt from daily life.

During this interactive, hands-on workshop you will learn:
☀️ Muscle testing basics for partner testing
☀️ Self testing options when a partner is not available
☀️ A surrogacy process so you can test things for loved ones
☀️ How to test for physical substances (food/supplements)
☀️ How to test for non-physical ideas (beliefs, goals, guidance)

☀️ We will also clear limiting beliefs you might have about muscle testing accurately or confidently.

If you have tried muscle testing in the past and it hasn’t worked, chances are you need to clear the subconscious beliefs blocking you from successful testing. Everyone CAN learn it, but sometimes it takes a little bit of investigation to discover and dissolve the unconscious blocks that sabbotage our accessing this information clearly.

If your intuition is nudging you toward this workshop,
I hope you’ll join us!

Click here for upcoming dates and registration info.


Heaps of Love,


Virtual Gathering: Women’s Sacred Circle

Longing for a supportive community of women?
Want to stay on track with your intentions and manifesting?
Need an excuse to take some time for yourself and connect with your Inner Wisdom?

The Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation has you covered!

Twice a month we will gather VIRTUALLY, during each New Moon and Full Moon . . .
to celebrate this beautiful, messy life
to connect with others on a similar path
to set intentions
to heal and release
to share what’s working and what’s not
to encourage and lift each other up
and to center ourselves in our own creative power.



When women circle together, we magnify and multiply our individual power
to change our lives AND to change the world.

Join us from the comfort of your own home
during each New and Full Moon in 2017
to step-up your powers of Conscious Creation!

The Circle gatherings will be held on the Zoom.us
video conferencing platform.
Don’t have a webcam for the video part?
Simply call-in from any telephone!

Register TODAY so you will be ready to tune in
to our first Full Moon gathering on January 11th!
(click here for the New and Full Moon dates for 2017)

Joining the Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation
is an investment in yourself!

Make it official with a recurring monthly payment of $8.88

What’s the significance of $8.88?

In numerology the number 8 resonates with the influences and vibrations of personal power, self-confidence, inner-strength, material freedom, success, good judgement,, finances, abundance and prosperity of all kinds, investments, discrimination and discernment, giving and receiving, inner-wisdom, self-sufficiency, truth and integrity, compassion, achieving and achievements, decisiveness, efficiency, trustworthiness, insight, planning and the planner, sociability, rest and retreat, insight, spiritual consciousness, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation.


Tripling a number magnifies its energy and influence. I thought, “why not increase the influence of the number 8 in members’ bank accounts since it’s going to be reappearing monthly!”

Seeing recurring numbers can also be a synchronistic way for our guides and angels to communicate with us.  Here’s one interpretation of the message repeating 8’s bring.

If you feel pulled to join the Circle, I hope you will heed the call today!
Then open to receive the blessings that we will be co-creating
during each Sacred Circle gathering!

What to expect for our Circle gatherings?

Each time we Circle up, it will be a unique experience depending on the energy of the current Moon and the women present at the LIVE gathering. I will choose a different Conscious Creation theme for each gathering, but there will also be some elements of our gathering that will be the same each time:

I will open each circle with a cleansing and centering ritual followed by a poem, reading or other inspirational message to set the tone and theme.


We will do a “self-discovery” or “empowerment” exercise like a guided meditation, Level UP balances for shifting limiting beliefs or other awareness activities to enhance our powers of Conscious Creation.


We will allow time for sharing (if you choose to) and we will practice “listening without an agenda” and validating each woman’s words and experiences without judgement.

       “With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.”
~ Catherine De Hueck Doherty

We will close the Circle with a celebration ritual to honor and rejoice in our own beauty, worthiness and creative power.



Circle members also will be added to our SECRET Facebook group where we will connect in-between our LIVE gatherings for support, inspiration and empowerment.

If you’re ready to embrace your own Divine Power and commit to nurturing it on a regular basis, I hope you will consider joining our Circle today as an act of courage and self-care!

click here to register

You are NOT alone and you DESERVE to take time out of your busy life to connect with your own Inner Wisdom AND be supported by the wisdom of other women who share a similar path!

I can’t wait to begin this work with you!

Please contact me if you have any questions and be sure to invite your friends who are ready to “up level” their powers of conscious creation!

Heaps of Love!
Christina Wester

I was born to shake shit UP!

Throughout my life, this has caused much discomfort for people around me.
(Myself included!)
Besides being a shit shaker upper, I am also a fierce advocate for authentic communication. I’m done censoring myself because it might rattle some cages. I try to choose words that are gentle, but I’m not always successful. And sometimes words just blurt out of my mouth before I even know what’s happened!

Yes there is value in being blunt. Unfortunately it’s quite a crap shoot how bluntness will be received.

So if something I say or do pisses you off or hurts your feelings or otherwise rattles your cage, please know that my intention is NEVER to cause you pain. But just because that’s not my intention doesn’t mean it won’t happen. 😓 It can be painful when the world holds up a mirror that shows us something uncomfortable about ourselves.

32reflectionAnd that’s all any of us are for each other – mirrors. If someone says something that makes us feel good, they are just reflecting (bringing our attention to) the peace and love and joy that already exist inside us. If someone says something that feels bad, they are just reflecting to us a part of ourselves that still needs some healing.

So the next time someone says something that makes you feel some kinda way, I invite you to have the courage to ask questions.
Seek clarity from the person on the deeper meaning and intention of their statements or actions.
Go within and find the fear that their statements touched in you.

It *might* be true that the person really was trying to hurt you, but more often than not, in my experience, moments like these are opportunities. Opportunities to learn more about myself and what I’m ready to face and release and heal.

Sometimes discomfort is necessary for getting our attention when it’s time to grow and learn and heal.

Welcome the pain, and then ask it why it has shown up in this way – at this time – in this form.

#BeBrave #FaceTheShadow #YouAreWorthIt

Heaps of Love!
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