History of Radiant Living & Learning

Radiant Living & Learning grew out of a desire to combine two things about which I am passionate:

1. Unschooling (aka: Self-Directed Learning, Whole-Life Learning, Organic Learning)
2. Helping my child with Autism live in the world as happily and successfully as possible

Of course #2 is a goal I have for all 3 of my children (which is why we approach learning from a Whole-Life and Self-Directed perspective) it’s just that my child with Autism needs some extra support.  His name is Tristan.  He’s 6 and has challenges in many areas including speech, sensory processing, impulse control, social skills, sleep and elopement.

We are applying for an Autism Service Dog to help Tristan and our family successfully navigate the many challenges Autism brings. You can read more about that here.   These highly trained dogs are very expensive so fundraising is necessary.  Our family is surrounded by a wonderful community of home-educators and many of them have very graciously offered to help us raise funds.  So together we planned the 2013 Radiant Living & Learning Retreat to bring together families who are interested in exploring new ways of living and learning with their children and to raise some money for Tristan’s Service Dog.

The retreat was a success in 2013 and even BIGGER in 2014 (you can read feedback from our happy tribe here!) and now we are planning our THIRD annual Radiant Living & Learning Retreat this Fall!  

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If you just want to learn more about Tristan’s Service Dog or share our fundraising efforts with your friends on facebook, here’s the link.  Thanks for your interest and support!