Our mission is to create a community of FUN and SUPPORT for families exploring respectful and child-affirming methods of education, parenting and living together peacefully.

Radiant Living & Learning seeks to achieve this support by aiding community members in following their own Innate Wisdom regarding ALL aspects of parenting, education and living the Radiant Lives we were meant to live.

Our values:

  • Joy
    Joy is not something to put off until the “non-preferred activities” are done.  It is not something that must be earned, but is a natural state of being.  We seek to create lives where following joy is a priority.  We actively create lives spent doing the things that bring us joy and we reevaluate those things that don’t.  The absence or presence of joy is the best barometer to measure how closely we are fulfilling our Life’s Purpose.
  • Freedom and Non-Coersion
    We value creating and facilitating as much freedom as possible in the lives of our children and ourselves.  We recognize that coercion and attempting to control others breeds distrust and resentment, and is counter productive to seeking a joy filled life.  When all members of a group are participating voluntarily (even if that is reached by consensus and compromise) a joy filled life is possible.  We value cooperation over compliance.
  • Trust
    Trusting our own Inner Wisdom and that of our children and other community members is the basis for a free, non-coercive and joy-filled existence.  We seek to develop that trust and examine honestly when we might be listening to the Voice of Fear rather than our Inner Voice of Wisdom.
  • Respect, True Equality and Communication
    Most adults and authorities in our society expect unwavering respect from children, but very rarely reciprocate the same level of respect.  We seek mutual respect in our families and our community regardless of age.  We consider equally the needs and desires of ALL members in making decisions for our families and larger community.
    We trust that all members will respect the boundaries of others and we also trust that members will clearly communicate those boundaries to each other.
  • Community
    We recognize the importance of community support and fellowship with like minded souls, especially when traveling a path that is different from the mainstream.  We value the time and space necessary to reap the mental and physical health benefits that only a like-minded community can offer.

What does “a respectful and child affirming method of education” look like?

  • Supporting children in having actual childhoods rather than forcing them to act like “little adults” as soon as possible
  • Allowing kids plenty of time and space to explore their interests at their own pace, facilitating learning that is easy and natural
  • Helping children grow into happy adults because they have followed the path of learning that excited them – which leads to career(s) that inspire them

What does a “respectful and child affirming method of parenting look like?

  • Affording children the same level of respect that adults in our culture receive.
  • Re-evaluating punishment, discipline and other methods that parents use to control children for their own convenience.
  • Considering the feelings, needs, desires, choices and boundaries of ALL family members equally and balancing those accordingly.

We aim to provide space for a community of like-minded families to gather, have some fun and support each other, whether we are new to these ways of parenting and educating our children or whether we have been practicing it for a while – we all have ways we want to improve and grow and we can ALL learn from each other’s struggles and triumphs!

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YOUR Innate Wisdom,
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